Convenient and Secure
guest registration with nametags.

In Case of Emergency...

Badger gives you an immediately available list of non-staff people currently in the building. Volunteer management staff can also cross-check Badger's list of visitors against their volunteer registration to easily capture their hours.

Conforms to
Security Standards

All name tags are dated, ensuring they cannot be re-used on a different day. With everyone wearing a dated badge, visitors who have not registered will be immediately identifiable.

It Just Works

Upon signing in, each badge is printed individually to avoid waste. At the end of the day, or when a visitor leaves, any number of visitors can be signed out with just two clicks of the mouse (or taps on a screen).

Simple, Responsive

Designed with simplicity and ease-of-use in mind for the best user experience. Layout is responsive for a seamless transition to tablets and phones.


In addition to being attractive and clearly legible, our date-stamped badges are more secure than handwritten nametags and cannot be counterfeited.


Automatically registers visitors into a searchable database organized by date. This can be integrated with your own database to enforce unique sign-ins.


Ability to personalize badges with avatars adds a fun factor and promotes team identities.